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Affiliate Program Application

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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate agreement is a partnership where Discovery Motorhomes (Merchant) pays commission to website owners or travel agents (affiliates) to promote and send business to the merchant's website.

Website Owners

Discovery Motorhomes pays you a commission for every sale that is made as a direct result of someone clicking on an embedded link from your website to ours.

Travel Agents

Discovery Motorhomes pays you a commission for every sale that is made via the link provided to you that contains your unique code.

Affiliate Eligibility

Our affiliate program is open to approved partners in either of the following areas:

Website Owners

If you own a professional website that is related to the travel industry or a complimentary industry.

Travel Agents

You own or are employed by a travel agency.

For full details of the agreement please visit our terms & conditions page.

What is your commission structure?

We offer our affiliates 5% of travelled bookings on the standard daily rate and Stress Free Components only (ie fees are not commissionable). Cancelled or no show bookings will not be paid. Affiliates receive payment for travelled bookings each month in Australian Dollars.

What will I need to do if my application is approved?

Website Owners

Once approved as an affiliate partner, you will receive an email that allows you to login to your account and choose a Discovery Motorhomes banner or text link to place on your website. These links are already in code format for you to easily copy and paste onto your website. From there you can login whenever you wish and view your sales.

Travel Agents

Once approved as an affiliate partner, you will receive an email with a link to our website containing your special code. Save the link as a favourite or bookmark. Use this link everytime you visit our website. You will also be given login details to view your account and view your sales.

Why choose Discovery?

We are dedicated to providing our affiliate partners with friendly and helpful communication, and can offer personalised feedback and suggestions on how to best optimise your account.

Our affiliate partners have access to a range of coded banners and text links, making it easy to choose which style is best suited to you. Implement the code or save the link and start receiving today.

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