Discovery Campervans New Zealand

Booking Tips for Campervan Rental

Book Early

Booking your campervan holiday early means that you have more time to plan and organise your trip. The knowledge that you have secured transportation and accommodation will put your mind at ease which will allow you to avoid the stress that is normally associated with holiday plans. Other advantages of booking early include:

  • A higher likelihood of getting the vehicle you want or need. The campervan fleets often book out, especially the vehicles larger then 2 berths.
  • Booking early usually means that you will get the best price available. Prices generally increase the closer you get to the date of departure.

Can't decide how early you really should book? When planning to book, keep in mind that campervan holidays are very popular in New Zealand. Also, be aware of school holidays and peak times as bookings for these will occur even earlier. Be sure not to leave it to the last minute and book at least 6 - 9 months prior to departure.

Don't lose all hope! If you have left it to the last minute, you may get lucky and still find a great deal. Contact us to find out if there is still anything available!

Check out Insurance Options

During the booking process, the most common questions we get relate to insurance. Understanding the insurance options available to you is necessary for you to be able to get the best deal you can get.

When it comes to insurance, the team at Discovery offer you flexible options, with in most cases, three choices available to you. Minimal Insurance involves high liability, with liability reduction options reducing the liability to a minimal amount or nothing at all. You also have the choice of the Upgrade Package, which also gives you low or zero liability, with other benefits and extras added.

Britz goes one step further and offers a "No Worries Cover", where you will not have to pay liability at all for any damage the vehicle or property of a third party. Of course, exclusions apply but this really is a great deal and insures your liability to the greatest extent!

Beware of Credit Cards From Overseas

During the booking process, keep in mind that security bonds will be taken out at the beginning of the rental. This amount will essentially depend on which insurance option you choose to take out. This process is done through your credit card. In theory, this process should cost nothing, except that banks take money from a foreign credit card at one rate, and refund the money at a lower rate. In practise this process costs 3 to 5 cents in the dollar (typically). So on a $5000 bond, it may cost you an extra $250 or more if the rates move against you while you are on your rental.

Be sure to check out the Upgrade Package, along with the "No Worries Cover" and the "Stress Free Package". These may be work considering instead of losing badly to the exchange rate refunds (and the way banks work).

Avoid Peak Rental Times

Campervan rentals do have high seasons and peak rental periods. By avoiding the peak times, you can gain your rental at a cheaper price than you can during peak time. We always recommend checking school holidays and high season details before booking your holiday. Sometimes by moving your booking dare a few days, you can save you a bit of money.