Campervan Hire New Zealand - Easy Booking

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Campervan Hire New Zealand - Easy Booking

So you want the freedom of a campervan holiday, but it has to be simple to get a quote and make a booking. We can help you to compare different campervans, get the best prices by booking your campervan holiday in advance, save a quote, and make your booking in a simple and secure process.

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Value of No Hidden Costs Quotes

Giving you no hidden costs quotes and good honest service is part of our culture. Our competitor's quotes often fail to include compulsory charges such as Stamp Duty, One Way fees and LP Gas refills to make the daily rate appear cheaper.

To get the full picture on campervan hire with no surprises, use the quote form above.

The benefits of getting a quote today :
  • Calculate all charges on campervans, giving you a full price
  • Lock in your quoted price on campervans for 7 days *
  • Todays price is generally the best price on campervans
  • You can get more than one quote on campervans, then pick one
Full step by step guide available here: How to book

Long Hire Discounts on Motorhomes

You can travel longer for less. The longer the hire, the cheaper the daily rate becomes for campervans. The discounts are as follows:
  • Britz: 21+ days 5% off hire
  • Maui: 21-34 days 8%, 35+ days 15% off Hire
  • Jucy: Varies, please ask our reservation team
  • Escape: Varies, please ask our reservation team
The long hire discount will be calculated into your quote if applicable.

Early Bird Discounts on Campervans

If you book your campervan in advance you are entitled to an Early Bird Discount off the daily campervan rental rate as follows:
  • Britz: Book at least 120 days in advance to receive 5% off
  • Maui: Book at least 120 days in advance to receive 10% off
The Early Bird Discount can be combined with long term discounts and is calculated into your quote if applicable.

Multi Hire Discounts for Campervans

Are you planning to break your campervan holiday into two separate trips?

If you book two or more campervan hires and the travel dates are within 3 months of each other you could qualify for the Long Hire Discount. So why not book an Australian, New Zealand or USA Motorhome holiday?

Fly Drive holidays are more affordable than ever, think of the ground you could cover driving one way, flying to your next destination and then driving home again!

Contact us to make it happen.

*Exclusion: Britz, Maui, Mighty

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