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The Highlights Of Waikato

If you are searching for a region of lush, green hills, bush and farmland, than look no further than the Waikato region of New Zealand. This stunning region is located in the North Island, just south of Auckland. Pick up your campervan hire New Zealand in the city and then head out to Waikato, where you will find everything from bush clad mountains and rushing waterfalls, to hot mineral pools and beautiful beaches. The Waikato region is the perfect base for any holiday in the Central North Island and is the ideal destination for your next motorhome holiday.

Campervanning in the Waikato region will be a breeze as there are charming small towns dotted right throughout the region. This means that you will always have a place to stay, as this area enjoys an abundance of caravan parks in which you can park your campervan for the night. You may even be lucky enough to find a site on the banks of the Waikato River or on one of the beaches of the west coast. This waterfront experience will allow your stay in the region to be a pleasant one, in which you will be able to enjoy stunning scenery all throughout your journey.

The Waikato region has many highlights and attractions so it may be difficult to see and do them all. To make things easier for you, we have picked out the best places to visit in the region, that offer a variety of fun and adventurous activities that are guaranteed to keep the whole family happy.


The city of Hamilton is the 7th largest metropolis in New Zealand and is the largest commercial centre in the Waikato region. The city is rich in cafe culture and enjoys a rapidly growing town lifestyle. Home to the Hamilton Zoo, along with several museums, theatres and art galleries, this is the perfect place for a taste of Waikato culture and city lifestyle!

Waikato River

The life and blood of the Waikato region runs through the Waikato River. Flowing through the majority of the region, the Waikato River is the largest river in New Zealand and provides the life force for the region. The name Waikato conveniently translates into "flowing water" and this could not be more accurate. The river flows off into many lakes, which are popular hotspots for swimming, boating and fishing. The Waikato River is where you will partake in most of your outdoor activity while in the region, so makes sure you come well prepared to get wet!


The Waitomo area is above all known for its famous magical glow worm caves. These caves are simply breathtaking and you can take a tour of them through black water rafting, caving or abseiling, or why not do all three. Emerging to the surface, the above-ground activities of Waitomo include horse riding, jet boating, a wildlife park and a kiwi culture show. No matter what you fancy, you are sure to find something unique and fascinating in Waitomo.

Te Awamutu

The town of Te Awamutu is often referred to as the 'town of roses' as it is home to many picturesque rose gardens. This friendly, scenic, farming town is nestled on the banks of the Waipa River and on the Waikato Plains. The town itself is bustling with culture, music, cafes and scenery and offers the best of country living. The Te Awamutu Museum can also be found here, making for an interesting afternoon out. This museum is home to the most famous early Maori artefacts and will give you a strong understanding of the early Maori origins of the area.


Tokoroa is the second largest town of the region and is immensely historic and embedded in Maori tradition. This beautiful district is home to many scenic lakes and rives, offering perfect opportunities for fishing, boating and water sports. Tokoroa is a hub of outdoor activity and is the ideal place to reconnect with nature.

The Waikato region of New Zealand is unlike any other region of the country. The glow worm caves offer a unique highlight that you will find the likes of, nowhere else. Steeped in Maori tradition and culture, with stunning scenery surrounding you from every way you look, there really is no excuse not to go through campervans New Zealand in Waikato!

Christine Barton