Discovery Campervans New Zealand

Escape Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Campervan & Motorhome Rental (New Zealand)
Valid for Travel from 01 June 2019

This document contains a summary of some of the Rental Conditions. For full detailed Conditions refer to the Rental Agreement on pick-up.

Branch Opening Hours

Depot Branch Hours

  9:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri

  9.00am-3.00pm Sat & Sun

  9.30am - 2.00pm Public Holidays

Branches are open all public holidays except Christmas Day (25 December) & New Years Day (1st January)

Branches closed Saturday & Sunday between 1st June and 30th September every year

After hours pick-ups or drop-offs may be possible subject to approval and there is a $120 cost associated with this service.

Because of the time associated with grooming a vehicle for the next hire, Escape Rentals expects all drop-offs to be by 2:00pm on the day of return, or earlier.

Standard Daily Rates Include

  • Vehicle Insurance - Standard Liability
  • Unlimited Kilometres
  • 24 hour Roadside Assistance
  • 15% GST (Goods & Services Tax)
  • Up to 3 Drivers (no extra charge)
  • Linen
  • Beach Chairs
  • No Road User Charges with Escape
  • Escape Travel Guide – hints & tips for travelling around New Zealand.
  • Camping Booklet / Maps

*Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is a New Zealand Government imposed tax. GST is included in all Escape rates. 

Standard Liability & Vehicle Insurance

New Zealand legislation provides limited coverage for personal injury. We strongly recommend that all people travelling in New Zealand take out Personal Travel Insurance.

In the USA liability is referred to as the deductible.

Standard insurance is included in the daily rate, so there really are no hidden costs. However, hirers will be liable for any damage that may occur to the vehicle whilst it is on hire. This is capped though and the maximum liability* is $3,000. Many of our hirers choose to take out ‘excess waiver insurance’ which can reduce the maximum liability right down to nil (again, dependent on your age and the insurance option taken). Remember, this is completely optional. Check out the three options within the table below and choose the one that is best for you.

Liability Reduction Options (LRO)

  Standard Option 1 Stress Free



Included in Rental

No Reduction in Liability

You will be responsible for costs to a maximum 

of $3000/$4000 (as per below) unless insurance is waived*

Reduces maximum liability to $1,500

(as per below) unless insurance is waived*

Reduces maximum liability to NIL (as per Below) unless insurance is voided*

Covers any windscreen damage & flat tyres too!

Covers you whilst driving on unsealed/gravel roads.

Includes picnic table (or similar)

Maximum Liability:

(unless Insurance voided*)


*Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.

- Single Vehicle Incident liability is $4000.


*Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.

- Single Vehicle Incident liability is $2500.

NIL ($0)


Retained by Escape, released post-hire.


'Frozen' on credit card and processed in the event of any incident.

Fines additional.


Frozen' on credit card and processed in the event of any Incident.

Fines additional.


- Manual Credit Card imprint only

- Held for the purpose of fines incurred (plus admin fees).


Age 22+


*Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.

- Single Vehicle Incident liability is an additional $1,000 ($4,000 total)

$22.50 per day

(to a maximum of $1,250)

$30 per day

(to a maximum of $1,250)


Age 18 to 21


*Unless vehicle damaged in Single Vehicle Incident.

- Single Vehicle Incident liability is an additional $1,000 ($4,000 total)

$25.00 per day

(to a maximum of $1,250)

$35 per day

(to a maximum of $1,250)

• If the insurance excess waiver option is taken, it is valid for the first incident or accident only.

• *The liability is capped but all insurance is waived if the vehicle is being driven in a manner which is outside the agreed terms of our contract e.g. Drunk driving, negligence leading to loss etc. In such instances, the hirers can be held liable for all costs associated with any accident or loss.

• ‘Vehicle Roll’ Clause. All insurance is waived/void if a van has been rolled in a single vehicle incident (side, roof or chassis damage). I.e. Hirer is fully liable for all costs irrespective of insurance option taken if van has been rolled.



All insurance cover will be made void if any of the following Exclusions are breached:

  1. (a) The driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs affecting his or her ability to drive;
  2. (b) The driver of the vehicle drives illegally or commits an offence while driving the vehicle;
  3. (c) The vehicle is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition which arose during the hire period and which caused or contributed to the damage or loss and the hirer or driver was or ought to have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the vehicle;
  4. (d) The vehicle is driven with more than three occupants;
  5. (e) The vehicle is driven by a person not holding a current full driver’s licence valid in New Zealand;
  6. (f) The vehicle is wilfully or recklessly damaged by the hirer or any authorised driver, or is lost as a result of wilful, negligent or reckless behaviour of any such person;
  7. (g) The vehicle is operated in any race, speed test, rally or contest or operated on any race or rally circuit;
  8. (h) The vehicle is driven by any person other than the hirer or an authorised driver; Escape Hugo T&C 18-12-2014 (1)
  9. (i) The vehicle is operated in a careless or negligent manner, including but not limited to allowing the engine to overheat, incorrect use of gears, use of incorrect fuel, becoming locked out of vehicle, “bogging” of vehicle or any non-compliance with clause 6.1;
  10. (j) The vehicle is operated on any of the following roads and locations: Tasman Valley Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Canyon (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach, North of Colville township (Northland), or any beach site or other areas specified by Escape from time to time. It is also an exclusion (unless optional full insurance cover is purchased) on any unformed or unsealed roads. Note. If the vehicle is parked at any ski field, the designated parking area must be used;
  11. (k) There is a breach of any of these terms and conditions or the Rental Agreement, and in any of such circumstances the hirer will be liable for all costs associated with any incident, including but not limited to the full replacement or repair cost of the vehicle and any third party damage. 

Vehicle Security Deposit or Bond

Upon vehicle collection, a security deposit is required. The amount is determined by the Liability Reduction Option selected. The vehicle security deposit is applicable regardless if the hirer has purchased private travel insurance.

For security purposes, only a credit card can be used for payment of bond. The credit card holder must be present and able to sign for the vehicles security deposit upon vehicle collection. The credit card holder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle. Any type of prepaid travel card is not acceptable as a means to provide a vehicle security deposit. Visa and MasterCard debit cards are acceptable provided the card is being used as a credit card.

PLEASE NOTE: Electronic Credit cards are not accepted for Bond Payments. An electronic credit card is one where the numbers are not raised.

Debited vehicle security deposits are subject to a 2% credit card administration fee in addition to the bond amount when the credit card used is either Visa or Mastercard or 4.6% for American Express. These surcharges will be refunded when the vehicle security deposit is refunded.

(Discovery Rentals cannot accept American Express, these cards can only be used at time of pick up)

If a Liability Reduction option is not selected, the security deposit is NZ$3,000 payable by credit card. When no Liability Reduction Option or Option 1 is selected, it is important that the hirer have the funds available on the credit card for the bond amount when the vehicle is collected, and that the amount does not exceed the hirers daily withdrawal allowance available on the credit card.

When Liability Reduction Option 2 is selected, the amount is taken as an imprint to the hirers credit card when the vehicle is collected.

Escape reserves the right to retain an NZ$250 cleaning fee if the vehicle is not returned in a clean condition. This includes smoking related cleaning, as smoking is not permitted in the vehicle.

The Security Deposit is fully refundable, including the credit card surcharge if the card used to provide the
vehicle security deposit is a Visa or MasterCard, provided the vehicle is returned on time, to the correct location, undamaged, with a clean interior and with full fuel tank (Fuel being petrol or diesel) , failure to return the vehicle with full petrol or diesel tanks will result in refill charges, which will be advised upon returning the vehicle.

For Security purposes, only the hirers credit card can be used for the Refundable Bond.

Important Information

We strongly recommend any international visitors arriving off long-haul flights stay overnight prior to picking up their motorhomes.  Please also take the time to visit which provides educational information in regards to safe driving practices on New Zealand Roads.

Credit and Debit Cards

The credit or debit card holder will be jointly and severally liable as a customer. Accepted credit cards are Visa Card, Mastercard and American Express. A non-refundable 2% administration fee will apply to all Visa and Mastercard transactions (4.6% applies to American Express). Credit card administration fees also apply to debited security bonds and only the hirers credit card is acceptable to use for the purpose of the security bond.

Credit Card Surcharge - Discovery Rentals

(Discovery Rentals cannot accept American Express, these cards can only be used at time of pick up)

Credit card fees are payable when using Visa or Mastercard as these are subject to change Find out the current rates for your card here

Calculation Errors

We will not honour calculation errors. Should a calculation error occur we will charge for the shortfall.


A current and full motor vehicle drivers licence is required and must be presented upon vehicle collection. Should a foreign licence be in a language other than English it must be accompanied by a current Internatonal Driving Permit issued in the same country as the drivers licence was issued. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an international driving permit.

Age Restrictions

Drivers must be 18 years of age or over with a full licence.

Additional Items

Additional items are to be requested at time of reservation or upon vehicle collection and paid by customer on the day of vehicle collection (in NZ dollars):

  • Picnic Table - NZ$40 per rental (free with stress free package)
  • Gas BBQ $50 per rental
  • Portable Hand-Held Solar Shower - Free subject to availability
  • Snow Chains - Free subject to availability
  • GPS - NZ$10 per day (max NZ$150 per hire) $200 Bond
  • Transmission Guarantee - Automatic  $10.00 Per Day. (max NZ$160 per hire)
  • Transmission Guarantee - Manual $10.00 Per Day. (max NZ$160 per hire)
  • New Sheet Set - Purchase $60
  • New Sleeping Bag - Purchase $50
  • New Stereo Auxiliary Cable - Purchase $10
  • New Two man Tent - Purchase $70 

Rental Duration

  • Rental days are charged per calendar day. When calculating the number of days a vehicle is rented, the day of pick-up is counted as day one of the rental. The day of the vehicles return is counted as the final day of the rental. Vehicles are required to be collected and returned within business hours.
  • Minimum rental periods is 7 days 1 Oct to 30 April - 01 May to 30 September 10 days (7 days if insurance purchased)
  • Minimum rental period is 14 days when a vehicle is being collected from the North Island and is being returned to the South Island or vice versa.
  • Minimum rental period is subject to change during peak periods.
  • Late Pick-up or early return of vehicle does not entitle the hirer to any refund of the unused portion of the rental.
  • If a customer wishes to extend the rental whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorisation from Escape. The rental extension is subject to vehicle availability. The cost of an extended rental must be paid by credit card over the telephone on confirmation of the rental extension. The rate charged may not reflect the original rate booked. Failure to obtain authorisation will result in a daily fee of NZ$150 in addition to the daily rate.

Change of Drop-Off Destination

If the customers wishes to change the drop-off destination, they must first obtain authorisation from the Reservations or Scheduling departments.

Subject to the change being approved, an additional charge of up to NZ$750 may apply.

One-Way Rentals

A one-way rental fee of NZ$300 applies between Islands

Minimum one-way rental period requirements are subject to change.



Escape reserves the right to charge the hirer for any speeding, parking, freedom camping or tollway fines, associated administration costs and/or accidents including third party property damage not reported on return of the vehicle. In addition to these costs, Escape reserve the right to charge for associated administration costs for processing the fines (irrespective of liability) and/or all insurance claims in the event of the customer not having NIL liability. In addition to costs per fine and/or insurance claim, the administration fee of NZ$60 will be applicable.

Customer Care On-Road Assistance

First things first. If you’re involved in an accident (no matter how minor) you MUST stop and ensure everyone is OK. If not, call 111 immediately. And please ensure you swap details if there is a third party involved.

In the event of an accident, you need to contact us and NZ Roadside assistance. We’ll discuss your insurance options with you and do what we can to get you back on the road. NZ Roadside assistance will help with any towing or mechanical requirements.

If you breakdown, NZ Roadside assistance is there to help you with over 3,500 service providers nationwide (from mechanics, to auto electricians and locksmiths). We operate Toyotas and Nissans only, which are extremely reliable, but it’s good to know we’ve got your back if anything does go wrong.


The hirer will notify Escape and Escapes’s roadside assistance representative of any mechanical irregularity immediately. The hirer shall not arrange or undertake any repairs (including purchase of replacement tyres) without the authority of Escape except to the extent that the repairs are necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle. The hirer will comply with all reasonable instructions of Escape.

Escape will be responsible for repairs or damage arising directly or indirectly from fair wear and tear of the vehicle.

Subject to clause above, in the event of a mechanical breakdown,Escape will, at their discretion, either:

(a) provide a replacement vehicle, subject to vehicle availability or (b) refund the balance of the rental value, excluding insurance, for the period when the vehicle was unable to be used; or (c) provide compensation for budget accommodation to a maximum of $50.00 per vehicle per day or (d) extend the hire period to account for the period when the vehicle was unable to be used. (e) where a vehicle’s living equipment has failed (e.g. accessories or campervan appliances), the hirer shall contact Escape to discuss options available which may include:

(a) The hirer purchasing replacement equipment to an agreed/ authorised cost, which will be reimbursed upon completion of hire. (b) Escape providing replacement equipment. (c ) Escape reimbursing the client an agreed level of compensation. In all instances, Escape will exercise one of the three options listed above, only during the hire and at the time the equipment failure/fault has been reported. Escape accepts no liability for equipment failure if it is only reported at the end of the rental agreement period. 7.4 Without limiting any other provision of this agreement, in the event of a mechanical breakdown, if a replacement vehicle is not available or accessible to the hirer, Escape will not be liable for any personal expenses or costs associated with any missed activities. 

Change of Vehicle

Should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforeseen circumstances, Escape reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification and at no extra cost. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to a refund.

Vehicle Category

Vehicles cannot be requested by make or model, only by vehicle category.

Voluntary Downgrade

Should the hirer decide to take a lesser vehicle than booked they will not be entitled to any refund.

Cancellation and Amendments

You must put any request to Cancel or Amend in writing or we cannot action.  The date of the email will determine the following Cancellation fees:

  • If cancelled up to 22 days prior to pick-up       = Loss of deposit or 20%
    (whichever is higher)
  • If cancelled from 21 to 7 days prior to pick-up =  20% + $100 admin fee
  • If cancelled 6 to 1 days prior to pick-up           =  50%  + $100 admin fee
  • If cancelled on day of pick up or No-Show        = 100%

If vehicle is returned early there is no refund available for the unused days and a No Show is considered as 100% Cancellation.

Amendments:  $50 per change. This applies but is not limited to changing the client name, vehicle type, reducing the number of rental days, changing the pickup dates or locations. If rental is shortened, no refund will be given on the initial deposit.  In addition, if an amendment is made inside 14 days of pick up, the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked. A relocation fee may also apply if the collection or return location is amended.  Where the hire is being extended, the amendment fee will not apply.

If the amendment results in changing vehicle brands your deposit is non transferable.

Amendments may result in the daily rental rate to be recalculated at the rate applicable on the date of the amendment for the entire rental period.

If a bookings travel dates are amended within the cancellation fee period to be outside of the cancellation fee period and is subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee for the original booking will apply.


Escape reserves the right to refuse any rental at its discretion.


No animals are permitted in our vehicles, excluding guide dogs.

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.