Discovery Campervans New Zealand

Standard -vs- Stress Free Packages

We offer two distinct packages for you to choose from during our quoting process. The reason for this is because everyone has different requirements.

What is the difference?

In basic terms the Standard Package is the base daily rate with any applicable One Way Fees or Location Surcharges and Stamp Duty BUT does not include any Insurance Liability Reduction. Liability is the amount you are liable to pay in the event of an accident or if there is damage to the vehicle, regardless of fault. The liability fee is in respect to each claim, not rental.

The Stress Free Package is an inclusive package which, depending on the Motorhome Company includes Liability Reduction Option 2, Tyre & Windscreen Damage Cover, Overhead & Underbody Damage Cover, Diesel Tax Recovery Fee, One Way Fees, Bedding/Linen Kits, Extra Drivers Fees, LP Gas Refill Fee, Stamp Duty and bonus items such as Camp Table and Chairs.

Where can I find the inclusions?

Obtain a quote for both the Standard Package and Stress Free Package to see the specific inclusions for the motorhome of your choice.

Which one is better?

We recommend the Stress Free Package IF you are going to utilise all the inclusions although if your rental is over a certain amount of days it sometimes works out better to take the Standard Package and add the components separately.

The best bet is to obtain a Quote for both packages as our system will email you a detailed price with all the inclusions, then if you are still not sure contact our Reservations Team to advise your best option.

Call us now on 0800 003 022 (+61 7 3442 2900) to help you find the best option.