Bicycle & Bike Rack Hire - New Zealand

Cycling around the stunning countryside of New Zealand will expose you to the untouched beauty that it has become so famous for.

Make the scenery last longer and explore back country roads, fabulous landscapes and remarkable highways with the freedom a bicycle offers.

New Zealand is home to some of the world's most sought after cycling trails, so it is no wonder so many people travel here for cycling holidays.

Whether you wish to cycle on a short trail, on an all-day adventure or simply around one of the country towns or major cities, a bike will give you the freedom to travel at your own pace and explore areas a motorhome simply cannot get to.

Some of New Zealand's most popular cycling trails include:

The Queenstown Trail - A 100-kilometre trail within the Wakatipu Basin, exposing cyclists to the wine area of Gibbston Valley, the historic town of Arrowton and the unsurpassed beauty of Lake Hayes.

Taupo Lake Track - Suitable for beginners and intermediates, this track runs for 100-kilometres around Australasia's largest freshwater lake and eventually winds up the in the beautiful Tongariro National Park.

Waikato River Trail - Located in New Zealand's rural heartland, this trail takes in 100-kilometres of the incredible shores of the Waikato River. The track is broken up into smaller individual trails, making it ideal for those seeking short rides.

Other popular regions for cycling include:

When you hire a Britz, Maui or Pacific Horizon vehicle for your motorhome adventure in New Zealand, be sure to include bike hire in your rental so you can explore this amazing country in a whole new light!

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