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What are the Differences Between
a Campervan and a Motorhome?

Local New Zealand Uses

There are some subtle differences between a Campervan and a Motorhome but at Discovery Motorhomes we tend to use both terms.

Generally we consider campervan and motorhome are interchangeable terms, that both refer to vehicles which provide transport and accommodation in one! Both images on the right hand side are can be referred to as campervans or motorhomes.

The More Official Meanings

Motorhome - A motor vehicle built on a truck or bus chassis and designed to serve as self-contained living quarters for recreational travel. There is normally a divide between the cab and the living quarters behind, which contain sleeping space, ablution and kitchen facilities.

Campervan - A van equipped as a self-contained travelling home, they are normally smaller than a motorhome. There is generally no divide between the cab and the living quarters. It has basic facilities for cooking, washing, and sleeping.

Caravan - A mobile home or trailer, fully equipped with household accessories and towed behind a vehicle. It is designed to be occupied as a house would and depending on its size contains sleeping quarters, ablution facilities and cooking facilities.

Camper Trailer - This is a trailer equipped for occupancy that is towed behind a wheeled vehicle. Much smaller than a caravan, it normally consists of a tent that folds out of the trailer, where other essential living items are also packed, and facilities such as sinks and cookers are kept. A lot of its appeal lies in its compactness and light weight.

RV - RV stands for 'recreational vehicle', and is a term with a fairly wide range of meaning that includes all of the above definitions. It refers to an enclosed piece of equipment used as a means of travel and as a temporary home.

Winnebago - Although a brand name for an American manufacturer of RV's,because the brand is so popular it has become interchangeable with RV and therefore is often used to refer to any recreational vehicle.

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