Our Happy Clients

Britz Venturer Plus  26/07/2020

Easy to use

Mighty Double Down  26/07/2020


Maui Ultima Plus  25/07/2020

Very smooth not to much waiting around

Britz Venturer Plus  25/07/2020

Easy to use

Maui Beach  09/07/2020

Easy as nice to do

Britz Discovery  06/07/2020

Extremely easy

Maui Ultima  04/07/2020

Discovery reservation and customer service was very good and helpful. Thank you. The Maui check in and return processes were straight forward and efficient. It would have been helpful if the operation of the fitout was a little more fully explained on pickup but we did manage to work out everything. Overall highly recommended.

Mighty Double Up  04/07/2020

Easy to use website for booking. Quick and easy confirmation of booking

Maui River  30/06/2020

Great process, easy and fast.

Britz Venturer Plus  27/06/2020

Excellent, very easy and efficient. Helpful staff

Britz Frontier  27/06/2020

Good smooth and quite easy although my only feedback would be that maybe if we can receive a more detailed handover as well as some instruction on using all the features.

Mighty Double Up  21/06/2020

Good. Only issue it that it was hard to hey hold of anyone by phone.

Mighty Deuce  28/03/2020

I did everything on line excellent service

StarRv Hercules  28/03/2020


Britz Action Pod  24/03/2020

Very nice people to work with!!

Maui Ultima  24/02/2020

online process relatively straight forward. Pickup process on site took time due to large number of pickups, thank goodness for the free coffee and tea offered. Drop off process very quick.

Apollo Euro Deluxe  28/01/2020


Jucy Condo  19/01/2020

It was pretty good. Staff at the Wellington pick up point was helpful and explained how to operate the Campervan.

StarRv Aquila  12/01/2020

Simple and quick process with instantaneous confirmation

Britz Frontier  11/01/2020

Reservation process was great.

Maui River Elite  28/12/2019

Reservation process very good, but Maui need more people to handle vehicle pick up process so it can cut the handling time..

Britz Venturer  14/12/2019

Reservation process was good

Britz Venturer  11/12/2019


Lucky Rodeo  10/12/2019

Reservation process was fine and the staff were great.

Britz Vista  07/12/2019

This was super easy & returning the vehicle even better. The process was quick & efficient. The receptionist even booked us a Taxi when required which arrived within minutes. Congratulations on a well streamed process! A pleasant experience all round.

Britz Hitop  30/11/2019

Problem free reservation process.

Britz Hitop  30/11/2019

Problem free reservation process.

Maui Ultima  30/11/2019


Jucy Cabana  17/11/2019

Quick and easy! Very helpful staff that answered all my questions when I had them!

Mighty Deuce  09/11/2019

The reservation process has been great and I feel that nothing else could be improved. I must thank the staff in Christchurch for they pleasant and professional manners, including the help offered during the pickup and deposit of this vehicul.