Interislander Ships

The Interislander Fleet

The Interislander offers daily ferry services across Cook Strait, linking New Zealand's North and South Islands.


The Arahura is a diesel-electric ship (converting diesel power to electricity) which turns two controllable pitch propellers. Only three of the four engines are needed at any time, which provides extra reliability and flexibility in maintenance. In addition it has great facilities on board to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Travel time across the Tasman is 3 hours.


The Aratere provides top quality facilities to ensure passengers enjoy a memorable cruise experience. Aratere is one of the most modern, high-tech vessels operated in New Zealand waters. Not only does Aratere provide travellers with a quick pathway across Cook Strait, but also a comfortable, entertaining, safe and scenic cruise through some of New Zealand’s most impressive scenery.

Travel time across the Tasman is 3 hours.


The Kaitaki is the newest addition to the fleet and the largest vessel servicing the Cook Strait. This ship takes 1600 passengers and up to 600 vehicles. You will be able to take advantage of the extra room on-board with more seating and cabins, while experiencing the best in facilities and service.

Travel time across the Tasman is 3 hours.

All vessels carry passengers and vehicles.

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*Exclusion: Britz, Maui, Mighty

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